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Be on top of how your information is shared

Remote work is becoming part of everyday work life, and we want to make it easy for you to work with your InfoSec tools, keeping your information flow safe.

Cognni is a member of MISA

Shows you real risks

Our information intelligence understands the meaning of any piece of information created, downloaded, accessed or shared, and shows you which exposures could be real risks.

Saves you time

Use our tools to reduce your workload.  Our platform does the work that a team would need 100’s of hours to complete, in minutes. 

No implementation

Cognni works with Microsoft services you already use, autonomously mapping and detecting risks, free of user involvement or training.

Only Business email addresses are valid - the flow will not work for addresses that are not MS Business.

How Cognni’s intelligence tools simplify your work life

  • Facilitates safety in remote work environments
  • Makes it simpler to work with other InfoSec tools 
  • See all the risks and exposures in one platform 
  • Distinguishes between legitimate and risky sharing behaviors 
  • Autonomous tools – No user involvement necessary  
  • Scrutinizes masses of shared information in minutes 
  • Provides drilled down sharing patterns 
  • Enhances cloud collaboration by keeping information flow safe